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Wayside House Wayside House Wayside House

Wayside House

Wayside House provides women with programs that facilitate recovery from addiction. When the project began, I was told the story about the necessary struggle every butterfly must make in order to emerge healthy and strong from the cocoon. A butterfly symbol was historically used on Wayside House materials and I was asked to continue that tradition. The Wayside House tagline is “Addiction Recovery For Women By Women.”

I designed a butterfly icon that appeared to be taking flight to reflect the spirit of optimism and strength of the recovery process. To honor the “For Women By Women” portion of the tagline, the icon is constructed using two female profiles face to face. I crafted the lettering from a typestyle called “Pump” in order to eliminate all hard edges. The color was inspired by the blooming bougainvillea that grow on the gazebo in the Wayside House garden.

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