Pet Portraits

I had a blast working on a new piece of art in honor of my sister, Naomi’s birthday. The piece depicts her dog, Jake, and her sentiments for her beloved canine companion. The work was painted digitally. I sent two versions to Naomi. One is printed on outdoor vinyl banner material. The other is printed with archival ink on fine art canvas.

Many thinks to my canine nephew, Jake, for posing so beautifully. And a big “thank you” to Adam Jeffrey, my human nephew, for taking nearly a dozen reference photos from which I worked.

I enjoyed this so much that I would like to create more. Would you like to have your pet’s image as an art piece?

I love pets and have had an opportunity to draw and paint others’ beloved campanions. I am a strong advocate for pet adoption, having loved a sweet greyhound for 13 of her 15 years. Believe it or not, I was commissioned  to paint, Rocky, a pet Beta fish.