City Walk

Twenty illustrations created to recount a walk around a city with two young children.

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A Walk in Petah Tikva with Safta (Grandma)

Safta, Adele and Mordechai went for a walk in Petah Tikva. They wanted to buy some bread and treats.

Fun with the Fence

On the way there Adele saw a green fence. She reached out and touched the fence.

Adele enjoyed the wonderful rhythm that her hand made as it hit the fence while she walked. 

Ta-thump-ta-thump-ta-thump-ta-thump-ta . . .

She walked more slowly taa-thuuump-taaa-thuuump-taaa-thuuump-taaa


Then faster until she was running tttta-thump-tttta-thump-tttta-thump-tttta-thump. 

The rhythm made Adele smile and laugh.

Safta called Adele. “Please walk with
Mordechai and me.”


Adele ran to catch up with Safta and Mordechai. She saw the blue circular manhole covers in the brick sidewalk. Adele spun around in circles on the  covers. She loved how her ruffled skirt swirled around her. 

The Hobby Shop

Mordechai and Adele saw a funny one-eyed monster in the window of the hobby shop.

The Shoe Store

The shoe store was next, black, gold, silver, high heels, loafers, laces, buckles ….

Wedding Dress Store Window

Then came a store that displayed wedding dresses and evening dresses with sparkling beads and sequins.  Adele imagined herself wearing each one of the dresses. “Hmmm, which one would I buy?” she wondered.

Adele Continues to Shop

While Adele continued to shop . . .

Big Yellow Tractor

. . . Mordechai watched a construction crew. 

One big yellow tractor was able to do many things. It went backward and forward. It was able to lift huge concrete drain pipes using cables and pegs. It had a shovel on the front that could dig holes and move earth.

Mordechai asked, “Safta, will you make a drawing of this for us?”

Strange Faces

Adele  and  Mordechai saw sign boards with many posters. They found one with strange faces on it and walked up close to get a really good look.

A Really Big Cookie

At the bakery Mordechai got the biggest crunchiest cookie. 

Adele said, “Mordechai, that is a super duper big cookie!” It took a very long time to eat.

Adele and Safta finished their cookies first and waited for Mordechai to finish his. 

Safta asked, “Mordechai would you like some help eating your cookie?”

Bakery Bag

Mordechai and Adele were very careful to make sure that nothing went missing on their way home.

Walking on the Stripes

As they crossed the street, Adele noticed the blue and white painted curb. She began to count her footsteps as she walked carefully along the curb. Two steps blue, two steps white, two steps blue, two steps white and then red two steps, white two steps ……

“Sarah Adele! Come away from the street. You are entirely too close to the traffic. It is not safe!” exclaimed Safta.

Cat Bath

Adele moved away from the street. She saw a cat sitting in the sunlight. It was giving itself a bath, carefully licking each paw. 

Adele  studied the cat and thought about how she could now bathe herself, wash her own hair, towel off and put on her pajamas. Do cats wear pajamas?

Mordechai Calls Adele

“Adele, Adele, Adele,” Mordechai called. He and Safta were about to turn the corner.
Mordechai did not want Adele to be left behind. 

Picking Flowers

Adele ran to catch up. Then she  and Mordechai spotted some yellow flowers growing along the sidewalk.

 “Let’s pick some flowers to take home. We can put them in water and see if they will grow.”  said Adele.

“Which ones should we pick? There are soooo many.” Mordechai said as he squatted to get a closer look.

Adele Waves to Friends

Two girls from Adele’s school passed them on the sidewalk and said, “Shalom.”

Adele said, “Shalom,” and then turned to watch her friends disappear around the corner.

Safta called out, “Adele please keep up with us.”

Mordechai Walks Fast

Mordechai showed Safta how he could hold her hand and walk fast.

Adele Sings

As Adele skipped along the sidewalk she made up a song about all of the things that they saw on their walk.  She sang it to the tune of Adon Olam. 

“A big sweet treat
Oh what a mess
A lot of shoes
A wedding dress

A tall green fence
Ta-thump ta-thump
Safta calls me
I run and jump

 Some pretty flowers
In the sidewalk
A bathing cat
We stop and talk

I see my friends
We say Shalom
Le-hit ra-ot
We’re going home.”


Adele and Mordechai practiced climbing . . .



Safta told Adele and Mordechai, “It is time to stop playing. Let’s walk faster.”

Resting on the Bench

“I cannot walk any faster.” Adele told Safta. “I have no more energy.” 

Adele and Mordechai sat on a bench to rest.

“Don’t you want to give the treats we bought to Mommy and Tatti?” asked Safta.

Running Home

Adele and Mordechai  grabbed the bags that held the bakery treats. Quickly, they raced up the steps to the apartment. They flung open the door and ran to Mommy and Tatti. 

“We brought you treats from the bakery! Treats from the bakery!” they sang out.