Straw Hat, Scissors and Trim

My Grandpa often took me for, “outings” when I came to visit him. The first stop was his dress making factory. All the other members of my family considered the factory a dirty, wholly unacceptable place for a child. I however, would search for treasure while Grandpa handled administrative jobs in the office. I often came away with sequins, rhinestones, button, and lace. I treasured it all and used the found objects in my artwork and garment construction. In early 2018, I used the last bits of velvet ribbon to trim the back of one of my YogaPainter pieces that was given as a wedding gift!


With work completed, Grandpa Abe and I would head to our second destination. As we drove, Grandpa played opera music loudly on the radio, sitting on the armrest in the center of his Chrysler’s bench seat, I could feel the music vibrations in my chest. Grandpa and I wore matching straw hats. He smoked a cigar and I “smoked” the metal tube from from the cigar. Our destination was Johnson Park in New Brunswick, NJ. There I played on the park equipment and collected peacock feathers.

The Keepsake Series grew from my love of utilitarian objects. I am fascinated by simple tools and their ability to create. There is great beauty in the humble, worn chair backs and tool handles that I paint. These items have served generations and I feel privileged to be able to paint them.
Watercolor on 100% Arches cotton rag 22” x 15”; $750, Scissors, Trim NFS