Last Friday I visited the Hava and Adam Eco-Israel Education Farm. The farm’s mission is to educate the public about sustainability, ecology and green living.  I enjoyed everything about my farm visit; learning about integrating crops in the vegetable garden, living “off-the-grid” and using medicinal herbs. The architectural portions of the farm were most inspirational. I loved the warm earthy mud buildings with their curvilinear and sculptural forms. One of my favorite buildings was a residence for volunteers built from discarded shipping containers and mud. The shipping containers were arranged around a courtyard. The entry appeared quaint and welcoming. I’ve used recycled items as a basis for my arts and crafts but the Eco-Farm visit inspired me to redouble my efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle as an artist.

Have you been practicing an art form that incorporates reducing waste, reusing items or recycling? if, so, please comment and tell about what you are doing.

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