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My life and career have been guided by strong personal beliefs and a keen sense of community. Integrity, creativity, innovation, compassion and courage are my core values. Creative direction, graphic design and project management are the mainstays of my livelihood.  READ MORE→

Caren Hackman’s artwork has been displayed in shows across the United States and she has been selected twice from a pool of national applicants to serve as an Artist in Residence at two National Parks. READ MORE→

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Excellence Award for ad design

Excellence Award for ad design

Graphic designers like myself are happy when our work makes our clients happy. When your work also catches the eye of your intended audience, it gives a sense of pride. For the third year, an ad I designed for Claimlink Jewelry Replacement,  which ran in Claims...

Keepsake Woodworking Legacy Tools

Keepsake Woodworking Legacy Tools

My painting suite, the Keepsake Series, grew from my love of utilitarian objects. I am a maker and I come from a family of makers. One of us is always painting, potting, woodworking, tailoring, machining metal, and so on.  Tools and their ability...

Mental Health for Creatives and Others

Mental Health for Creatives and Others

In October 2018 I had the pleasure of immersing myself in learning about good mental health habits because, as a graphic designer, I worked with Palm Health Foundation on Train the Brain, their community initiative for brain health. I came to understand that...