Eloquence Fine Jewelry


Eloquence Fine Jewelry is a trusted jewelry establishment in Palm Beach County offering unique, custom jewelry designs on its premises as well as jewelry crafted by some of the most famous designers in the world. Expert jewelry repair is also done on location, including maintenance and repair of fine timepieces.

The Need: 

The owners of Eloquence Fine Jewelry desired a refreshed logo design and upgraded brand and marketing materials that were reflective of their upscale store and top quality jewelry designs and gemstones.

The Solution:

Caren Hackman worked closely with Eloquence Fine Jewelry to create a new logo mark that was simple, yet sophisticated. The brand color was changed to a subtle lavender that is reflective of their distinctive and elegant jewelry. In addition, Caren fine-tuned their online, social media presence and client communications utilizing the new color and design elements to create a consistent and cohesive visual identity.