The Health Care District of Palm Beach County

The Client: The Health Care District of Palm Beach County (HCDPBC) was established in 1988. It is an independent taxing district that provides an array of health care services, such as a trauma system, school health support, affordable health coverage, hospital, and skilled nursing care. The HCDPBC is committed to providing quality health care in an efficient, fiscally responsible manner.

The Need: The HCDPBC is a large organization with multiple programs and departments. The district’s marketing and communications needs are extensive and they require the services of a graphic designer with a depth and breadth of branding and design expertise.  

The Solution: The HCDPBC selected Caren Hackman because of her broad-based graphic design experience, website development and illustration capabilities. She designed a suite of logos that were true to the overarching brand, created a visual brand guide for the various departments to help ensure brand consistency; designed brochures, signage and more. As a respected fine artist, the HCDPBC commissioned Caren to create two architectural watercolor paintings of key HCDPBC buildings.