Wayside House

The Client: Wayside House is a women’s addiction treatment center that offers residential day treatment and outpatient treatment to women who are struggling with addiction. Wayside House believes gender-specific treatment is the most effective way to address the unique needs of the women served.

The Need: Wayside House was seeking a graphic designer to create a new logo and marketing materials.  Since its founding, a butterfly symbol has been used in the Wayside House’s materials to represent the  necessary struggle every butterfly makes in order to emerge healthy and strong from its cocoon. 

The Solution: Caren Hackman created Wayside House’s new logo with a butterfly icon that appeared to be taking flight, reflecting the spirit of optimism and strength of the recovery process. The Wayside House tagline is “Addiction Recovery For Women By Women.” To honor the “For Women By Women” portion of the tagline, the icon is constructed using two female profiles face to face. The vibrant rose motif was inspired by blooming bougainvillea in the Wayside House garden and was utilized throughout the new marketing materials.